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TV1 and UEFA tournaments

After a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in September 2020 UEFA started the football season of the tournaments “Europa League” and the newer: “League of Nations”. TV1 Broadcast Company is the only company in our country that is fully technical and know-how prepared to meet the highest quality requirements of UEFA.

The video recording of each football match is carried out with ten or more HD cameras, long lenses (Box lenses) , “Super Slow Motion”, and VAR technology is used for some of the meetings. As the first private television broadcast company in Bulgaria, TV1 is a traditional partner of the Bulgarian National Television, as well as of other Bulgarian television channels in productions of this rank, since its inception more than 20 years ago.

This is possible not only because of the availability of the highest class equipment and modern technology, which we have and which we constantly update, but also it is a result of the long-term experience and advanced professionalism and competence of our teams. The process of preparation for video recording and broadcasting of each football match in the tournaments starts from the previous day (Day minus) – TV1 has its cameras and equipment at the stadium, starts tuning and tests for the upcoming production, which eliminates the possibility of even the smallest live broadcast error.

Eurovision relies on TV1’s two HD SNG stations for the satellite broadcasting of football matches in Bulgaria and the Balkan region. They are also equipped with the highest class equipment: for impeccable quality and secure signal transmission.

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