Our Team

We are not only a team, capable of producing any modern media project you may have in mind. We are a family of professionals who bring the very best of our expertise and abilities to ensure the perfection of the final television product, may it be outside broadcast, live show or complicated logistics in any media project, that requires hard work and impeccable results.

Rumen Kovachev TV1 CEO and Manager

Rumen Kovachev

Zdravko Skabrin TV1 Sound Director

Zdravko Skabrin
Sound Director

Miroslav Mironov TV1 Engineer OB Van 7

Miroslav Mironov
Engineer OB Van 7

Sonya Krastanova TV1 Slow Motion

Sonya Krastanova
Slow Motion

Maria Damyanova TV1 Marketing and Advertising

Maria Damyanova
Marketing and Advertising

Olga Buzina TV1 Program Manager

Olga Buzina
Program Manager

Natasha Kovacheva TV1 Administrative Support

Natasha Kovacheva
Administrative Support

Stanislava Stoykova TV1 Digital Designer

Stanislava Stoykova
Digital Designer

Metodi Zlatanov - Noshtev TV1 Video Editor

Metodi Zlatanov-Noshtev
Video Editor

Angel Hristov TV1 Video Editor

Angel Hristov
Video Editor

Ivaylo Stavrev TV1 Technician

Ivaylo Stavrev

Anatoli Tsvetkov TV1 Technician

Anatoli Tsvetkov

Viktoria Fedina TV1 IT Manager

Viktoria Fedina
IT Manager

Suzana Ivanova TV1 On Air Operator

Suzana Ivanova
On Air Operator

Stefan Pendurkov Speedy TV1 Engineer OB Truck 6

Stefan Pendurkov Speedy
Engineer OB Truck 6

Teodora Filipova TV1 Production Manager

Teodora Filipova
Production Manager

Alex Kovachev TV1 Studio Assistant

Alex Kovachev
Studio Assistant

Konstantin Dimitrov Koko TV1 Producer

Konstantin Dimitrov Koko

Marian Hristov TV1 Engineer Studio

Marian Hristov
Engineer Studio

Kostadin Kostadinov TV1 Technician

Kostadin Kostadinov