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Season 7 of The Farm

In the seventh, last season of one of the most rated programs on the Bulgarian TV air, BTV again relied on the professionalism of TV1. The farm is produced with nine highest class television cameras, one of which is robotic. A crane and a railed camera are also used for filming. Regardless of the weather conditions, the cameras monitored every situation, tense match, all the joys and tears.

“The filming of the duels between the participants is uninterrupted and sometimes the filming ends in the late hours of the night. One of the most emblematic moments – the extraordinary final duel, was filmed at minus 14 degrees Celsius in the field. All of us on the team were amazed by the endurance of the three participants, who hung for an hour and a half on a beam without touching the ground. We had to use the headlights of our cars for lighting, because no one expected such a solution” – says Konstantin Dimitrov Koko, producer on behalf of TV1 Broadcast Company.

Here are the characters on the Farm. In each new TV season, the Farm has a different owner, and participants receive tasks and guidance from him. Each week, one of the participants is elected Farmer of the Week, which gives him a special status and privileges over the other participants. The farmer of the week chooses two candidates. The first candidate is the winner of the elimination duel, and the second candidate is indicated in the video of the eliminated participant from the competition. The farm also has an advisor who assists the Farmer of the Week in leading and managing it. The Farm’s servants (man and woman) are chosen at a special ceremony. They live in much more primitive conditions, close to the animals, and have to provide for the livelihood of the others, as well as do much of the dirty work.

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