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MasterChef Bulgaria

One of the most captivating TV shows on the Bulgarian air is realized with the assistance of the team of TV1 Broadcast Company. Our high definition equipment fully covers the high requirements of this type of formats for technical support and achieving the best possible result.

TV1 provides MasterChef with 15 high-end cameras, 5 of which are robotic. To film the show, we work with a perfectly equipped PTS, which is served by specialists with many years of experience in the realization of such large-scale and complex productions.

The technical capabilities of TV1 and the professionalism of the team guarantee precision in shooting MasterChef – a production that directs the viewer’s attention to details and subtleties in the culinary art. Achieving high quality in the realization of licensed TV programs is the big goal for the team of TV1, because the Bulgarian viewer is demanding and very often makes comparisons with similar programs broadcast in other countries. The specialists of TV1 accept the shooting of such a format as an opportunity to cultivate good culinary taste in the viewer and to establish the gourmet culture in our country.

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