Sport on TV1 Studio (1)

TV1 Complex Studio Two

Camera capacity: Up to 5 Sony cameras
Motion System: Motorized Dolly, Pantograph ABC, up to 7m
TV Prompter: 2 x prompter monitors (controlled from TV room)
Tripods: 4 x Master pedestals
Lighting: Cine LED Panels controlled by DMX
Screen: LED Wall 1,2pp – 8 m2
Video Monitoring: 42” LED monitor

In air system: up to 4 head sets
Microphones: 4 x Lavalier mic Sennheiser, 2 x Gun mic
Intercom: 4 x Headset 24 channels RTS
Audio Monitoring: 2 x Audio monitor box JBL

Air-condition: Cooling and heating system

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