TV1 Broadcast Company behind the scenes of symphonic metal titans Epica

TV1 broadcasts the 20th anniversary concert of symphonic metal titans Epica

Over the years, TV1 Broadcast Company’s professional engagements have taken our team to incredible destinations around the world. It’s time to go on another adventure, this time in the Netherlands. But that’s not the most exciting part of the project. The TV1 Broadcast Company team has not only been invited to film a concert by symphonic metal titans Epica, but will also broadcast the band’s 20th anniversary event live.

Such spectacular concerts are a real challenge for the broadcast industry. Epica is not just a world-famous metal band, but also has an extremely rich musical creativity with composition of elements from various genres. A mixed choir joins the operatic melodiousness of vocalist Simone Simons’ voice, and the death metal rhythm of the band is softened by a string orchestra.

At TV1 Broadcast Company, we are proud that Epica have entrusted us with their majestic musical blend and impressive show program from their concert in their native Netherlands. Before their official appearance on the stage, TV1 Broadcast Company will also broadcast the support band Sahara Dust. Less well known is the fact that Sahara Dust is once again backed by Epica, making them no less of a challenge due to the similarity in musical genre.

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