The genius of Kamen Donev in front of the cameras of TV1 in the spectacle About the weddings

The genius of Kamen Donev in front of the cameras of TV1 in the spectacle “About the weddings”

“Songs, dances and stories from the Balkan lands” in the spectacle “About the weddings” with the special participation of Kamen Donev. At TV1 Broadcast Company, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to immortalise this great performance. And, of course, to laugh heartily! Because having fun at work is one of the secrets behind the professionalism of the entire TV1 team.

According to Donev, “the wedding… is just a metaphor… a symbol of construction”. And we at TV1, as a family of sorts, spend most of our lives together, exploring Bulgaria and all the more distant and intriguing corners of Europe and the world, creating value by filming and broadcasting countless amazing events. This is exactly what strengthens our impatience to be part of the team behind the spectacle “About the weddings”, gifting the general audience with the opportunity to touch the genius of the spiritual actor, director and playwright Kamen Donev.

… Why are there weddings?…

… Well, the wedding, Raine, is just a metaphor … a symbol of construction. Because in life, first you are given, and if you are smart, you take… then with what you have learned, you in turn create… and after all you have to start giving… and if in all this work there is no love, then you have lived empty. You were a narcissist.

excerpt from Donev’s play

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