Денят с Веселин Дремджиев

The Day with Veselin Dremjiev

The commentary show “THE DAY with Veselin Dremdzhiev” is broadcast every weekday evening at 8.00 p.m.: an analytical look at the most important and interesting current topics in Bulgaria and around the world. Its strength lies in the fact that it enables viewers to understand the reasons for an event or emerging trend in domestic politics, diplomacy, economics, financial and stock markets, business development, IT technologies, scientific discoveries, and even important sports and cultural news.

The strong point of the show “THE DAY with Veselin Dremdzhiev” presents the frank, calm but colorful dialogue with a rich palette of smart and competent participants in the programme, who come out of the empty talk and compensate for the pace of events by explaining the trends behind them. The other strength of the show is its dynamics and the wide range of topics covered in each edition.


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