TV1 Server and Communication Room

Server and Communication room

Storage: 100 Tb (expandable) HDD, (24 channels expandable), news room system, post-production system
Playouts: 2 x 2 HD channels RA System
Graphics: 2 x Character generators RA System

Matrix: 40 x 40 Router with smart controls
Vision Mixer: 2 x 4K/HD Atem 2, 2M/E, 20 inputs, 6 AUX, 8 Key, DVE effects, 20 channel Multiviewer main frame
Recorders: 2 x HD Ingest 2 channels RA System, 2 x SSD
Monitors: 2x HD LED Monitors

Intercom: 2 x 24 channels RTS main frame
Reception: 2 x motorized antenna 2.40m. 15W ÷ 60E
Transmission: Complete DSNG operation
Fiber connection: Complete connection with local and international rings, high-speed Internet access

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