TV1 Complex Production Room One Image 5

Production Room One

Vision Mixer: 4K/HD Atem 2, 2M/E, 20 inputs, 6 AUX, 8 Key, DVE effects, 20 channel Multiviewer
Matrix: 40 x 40 Router with smart controls
Graphics: HD title generator
TV Prompter: Autoscript controller
Playouts: 2 channels playout system, file based
Monitors: 3 x HD Sony LED 50, 1 x HD Panasonic 46“, 3 x 24” LED Monitors; 1 x 19” TFT monitors

Camera control: SONY RCP 7430
Vision control: Waveform, vectorscope

Sound mixer: Digital Audio Console 40 channels Beringer Full Loaded
Audio Monitoring: Audio Monitors Yamaha, Audio Monitors Sony, Audio signal scope
Intercom: 24 channels RTS
Others: 2 x Telephone hybrid (connection with the studio), 2 x telephone lines, ISDN codec AEQ

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