Outside Broadcasting Van 7

Outside Broadcasting Van 7

We provide comprehensive solutions for all of your Standard Definition (HD) Satellite Uplink. TV1 Outside Broadcasts is a company built from our expertise in outside broadcasting and DSNG facilities.Covering news, sport, entertainment and corporate events, our expertly crewed HD DSNG VAN. Meanwhile our HD Uplink vehicle covers events across Europe.



Mercedes Sprinter 516 CDI
Dimensions L x H x W – 7.40m x 3.10m x 2.70m
Total weight – 5t
Power requirements – 3 x 16A CEE, 3 x UPS 3000VA
Alternative – Power generator
Camera capacity – Up to 8 Sony cameras
8 x HXC FB75
8 x HXCU FB75
Lenses – Up to 8 2/3” HD Lenses
Vision Mixer – Ateme 2, 2M/E
Matrix – 40 x 40 Router with smart controls
Regie – HD 55“ SONY LED Monitor
20 channel multi viewer
2 x 24” LED Monitors; 6 x 8,4” LED monitors
Vision – 1 x 32” LED with waveform; 4 x 8,4” Monitors; 2 x 22” TFT
Recording – File based AVID/ Apple ProRes multi channels system
Audio – Digital Audio Console Tascam DM 4800 Full Loaded
Audio Monitoring – Audio Monitors Yamaha;
Audio Monitors Sony;
Audio signal scope;

Production area Up to 7 workplaces

Vision mixer
Atem 2, 2M/E
20 Multiformat inputs
Internal frame synchronizers
6 Native Outputs
2 Multiformat outputs
4 x DVE with 3D Borders & Shadow
Clip Player with Audio
4 M/E Keyers
20 Channel Multiviewer

40 x 40 matrix router BMD
1 x smart control panel

Tascam DM 4800 Full Loaded
Up to 96 Audio Channels
25 Phisycal Analog Ins
25 Phisycal Analog Outs
Bus, Aux, Matrix, Insert In, etc.
8 Bus, 12 Aux, 4 Martix
Digital Effect Processor
120m 16 channels cable

Trilogy 24 ports
2 x control panel
3 x desktop
1 x Sony 55’’
2 x Samsung 32’’
2 x NEO 19’’
10 x 8,4’’ BMD Smart view
1 x HP 22’’
1 x Acer 22’’
2 x LG 24’’

CG (on request) – Character generator UEFA approved
Slow-Mo (on request) – 4 channel server BLT

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