Imagine Dragons Live at Bulgaria's National Stadium

TV1 Exclusive: Imagine Dragons Live at Bulgaria’s National Stadium

Even though the stadiums have become a second home for the team of TV1 Broadcast Company, we are usually busy capturing the thrills and spills of some of the most exciting sporting events taking place across Europe. Well, in this case, Bulgaria’s National Stadium hosted a slightly different but still highly anticipated event – the Imagine Dragons concert.

For the first time, Imagine Dragons took to a Bulgarian stage to perform their iconic hits, which have established themselves as a musical genre in their own right for an entire generation. We feel incredibly privileged not only to have had the honour of attending a concert of this calibre, but also to have been part of creating this unforgettable experience.

The band’s electrifying energy and charismatic presence on stage created a captivating experience that left the audience breathless. Thank you for joining us as we welcomed Imagine Dragons and undeniable musical magic to Bulgaria.

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