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High Definition Outside Broadcasting Truck 6 Slideout

Our High Definition Outside Broadcast truck offers the latest facilities for broadcasting live events, from concerts to sports, as well as sophisticated studio productions and reality TV shows.



Stowed L x W x H 12.00 x 2,50 x 4.00m
Deploy L x W x H 12.00 x 3, 60 x 4.00m
Total weight 25t
Power requirements 3 x 32A CCE 3 x 3000 VA UPS
16x Motorized cable reels

Camera capacity:
Up to 16 cameras Sony HDC 1500/1400
High Speed Camera – 2 x Sony HDC 3300 SSM Camera
Robot Camera – Sony BRC 700
Mini Cameras – up to 4 Full HD

XA72 x 9.3BESM-D18A
XA86 x 9.3BESM-D18
60 x 9 CANON DIGISUPER 60 xs
HA42 x 13.5BERD-U48
HA18 x 7.8BERM-M48
HA 13 x 4.5 BERM –M48B

Vision Mixer
Sony MVS – 8000A 2M/E
34 inputs, 17 outputs, 12 AUX
17 signal for direct access per keybank
4 full – value keyer per M/E

72 x 144 Router with 3 smart controls

HD 55“ SONY LED Monitor / 32 channel multi viewer 7 x 17” TFT displays
16 x 8,4” HD Monitors
3 x 20” HD JVC 1920×1080

1 x Sony recorder HDW – 1800
File based AVID/ Apple ProRes multi channel system
3 x HD BLT SSM options

Audio Mixer Console Stereo/5.1 Yamaha DM2000V2 Digital Audio Mixer
5.1 Surround or Stereo Mode
Up to 96 Audio Channel Digital Virtual Management
25 Phisycal Analog Inputs
25 Phisycal Analog Outs Stereo Out Bus, Aux, Matrix
8 Bus, 12 Aux, 4 Matrix
Digital Effect Processor

Audio Monitoring 5.1
Genelec 8020A Active Monitor Speakers
Genelec 7050B Sub-Woofer

DOLBY E System

Surround microphones 5.1 DPA
12 x Guns Microphones
4 x Wireless head set
4 x Wireless Lavalier

Tri Logy 96 x 96 Intercom system
12 Internal and 6 external 4W
4 x Clearcom 2W interface
6 x walkie talkie, connected to intercom system

ISDN Codecs
AEQ Eagle / telephone hybrids

Digital Multicore 32 Channels extendible if needed
64 Multitrack recording upon request

Playback system
Open file system for all audio formats

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