4 Cameras HD OB VAN DSNG Image 1

4 Cam High Definition OB DSNG VAN

High Definition

This unit is equipped with high-definition cameras, allowing for crystal-clear video capture of live events. This means that every detail of the event can be captured with stunning clarity, even on large screens.

Multiple Camera Angles

With four cameras, the OB DSNG Van can capture multiple camera angles simultaneously, providing a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience for audiences.

Mobile Production

The OB DSNG Van is a mobile production unit that can be deployed to any location to capture live events. This means that events in remote or hard-to-reach locations can be covered with ease, without the need for costly and time-consuming setup.

Digital Satellite News Gathering

The DSNG capability allows the unit to transmit live content to the broadcast station using satellite technology. This means that events can be broadcast in real-time, providing audiences with a live viewing experience.

Quick Turnaround

The OB DSNG Van is designed to provide quick turnaround times for live event coverage. With a streamlined workflow and advanced production capabilities, content can be captured, edited, and distributed quickly and efficiently.



Mercedes 313CDI
Dimensions L x H x W – – 5.95m x 3.50m x 2.60m
Total weight – 3,5t
Power requirements – 3 x 16A CEE, 2 x UPS 3000VA
Alternative – Power generator

2+1 Redundant transmission system
1 x HD/SD Video encoder + modulator Ericsson Voyager II MPEG 2, MPEG
4, 4:2:0/4:2:2, 8/10 bit DVBS-2, 8PSK 4 audio pairs BISS encryption
1 x HD/SD Video encoder + modulator Ateme MPEG 2, 4:2:0/4:2:2, 8/10 bit
DVBS-2, 8PSK BISS encryption
Satellite antenna TX/RX Swedish 1,5m
Antenna controller
Redundant controller
2 x HP A Xicom – 400W each
Spectrum analyzer Unaohm AR01
Dummy load

Receiving system
Advanced Modular Receiver Ericsson RX8200
Advanced Modular Receiver Ateme

Vision control area

Up to 4 Sony Cameras
Vision mixer
Atem 2, 2M/E

40 x 40 Router with smart control

File based AVID/ Apple ProRes multi channels system
4 channel Slow Mo Server

Video & Audio Distribution

1 x TFT 22”
2 x HD BMD monitors
3 x freely allocatable via matrix
1 x 19” HD multi format

Digital Audio Console YAMAHA
1 x BMD Audio Monitor
2 x Audio Monitors


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