TV1 captures Arabian horses' timeless beauty in Menton, France

TV1 captures Arabian horses’ timeless beauty in Menton, France

At TV1 Broadcast Company, we had the extraordinary privilege of documenting the Arabian Horse Show in Menton, France – an event that testifies to the grace, regality and timeless charm of these majestic creatures.

From the meticulously judged parades to the breathtaking performances, our aim was to transport our audience into the enchanting world of the Arabian Horse Show. Every movement and every moment of connection between horse and handler was expertly captured, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the rich palette of this extraordinary event. The TV1 team worked diligently behind the scenes to convey every exquisite detail, ensuring that viewers could enjoy the splendour of the Arabian horse and recall the deep cultural heritage associated with its nature.

We are honoured to have played our part in perpetuating the magic and beauty of this extraordinary celebration of the Arabian horse and look forward to returning to the azure coast of France next year.

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