TV1 Show The Trademark Mario Gavrilov

The Trademark Mario Gavrilov

In the show “THE TRADEMARK MARIO GAVRILOV” every Thursday at 9.00 PM in live TV1 studio the famous economic journalist will uncover in front of the viewers the curtain, which hides the facts and regularities behind the most important events in the world of finance and business. Leading analysts, entrepreneurs and economists will comment on the sectors in which they work and monitor. Viewers will be able to ask their questions directly during the live broadcast from the studio. The show will also has a strong educational segment, which will explain the logic of the operation of more complex and more exotic for the general public opportunities for investment and business. In the “THE TRADEMARK MARIO GAVRILOV” programme every viewer will be able to pick a topic of interest to him, which will be discussed professionally and openly. Mario Gavrilov provides you with an expert opinion on your and other people’s money. Every Thursday from 9.00 PM. Reruns: Friday at 14.00 PM and Saturday at 11.00 AM. Website:

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