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Svetoslav Mitev was born in 1976, which is a high year, but he learned about it much later, only in 2001, when he started working in “Slavi Trifonov’s Show” on bTV. There he created the avatar of Mitko Manafov and the mini-series “Manafov Live” and “Manafov Today”, as well as the stand-up sketches entitled “Mother’s Sweet”. In “Slavi Trifonov’s Show” Svetoslav Mitev works with variable success and short afternoon naps until 2016 when he moved to Bulgaria 24 TV and created two consecutive shows there: Politkabare and Conspiracy Theory. Since November 13, 2020, Svetlio Mitev is the author and host of the entertainment show “On the Wall” on TV1, which is broadcast every second and fourth Friday of the month at 22.00 PM. The show is dedicated to peace and cheer in the world, with the means of good humor, a slight irony and private threats on the phone to viewers who did not watch the last episode. Peace and love! Website:

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