We offer outside broadcast units to customers across Europe. Not just outside broadcast services, but complete solutions – including the latest outside broadcast technologies, all delivered with the friendly, professional attitude you’d expect from us. TV1 is at the forefront of Outside Broadcast units in Bulgaria and Europe, blazing a trail of excellence that other companies can only follow.


At TV1 we are proud of our heritage that goes back 20 years. The reputation we have earned is based on reliability, professionalism and adherence to high standards. Building on our strong foundation, TV1 is focused on the digital future and the contribution it can provide as a leading player in this exciting arena.

As an independent television company, it’s vital that we maintain our impartiality and we therefore fully embrace the concepts of accountability and transparency with regard to the way we conduct our business. We view social corporate citizenship as an integral part of good business management and we aim to ensure that the impact we have on the world around.

We offer facilities for broadcasting live events, from concerts to sports, as well as sophisticated studio productions and reality tv shows. for any major planned event tv1 is skilled and highly experienced in providing the production units and crews for either extensive or basic coverage.

Everything we do in TV1 affects the overall performance of the company and our relationships and reputation with our customers, employees and contractors. TV1 supports its employees in achieving the highest level of professionalism and integrity. In turn, it expects and trusts its employees to take action and to be responsible for those actions.

Employees contribute to TV1 achieving its goals, guided by the values set out as such: We do what we say we are going to do. We take the initiative to do the right thing for TV1. We constructively challenge the way we do things to improve the way we operate. We actively communicate in an open, honest and clear way. We treat our colleagues, customers and contractors with respect, integrity and professionalism.